How to Play Pro in Metro Exodus

 January 22, 2020      

Even though there are lots of similarities to the prior Metro games, there is also a great deal of modifications to master and a collection of Metro Exodus hints could really help you out. Due to the change to an open world surroundings, you will want to modify your style of play so in order to endure the harsh wastelands, as you find new firearms and equipment in addition to new men and women that you are going to have to pick are friend or foe.


Getting away to the ideal start can be challenging, and so much to see and do in Metro Exodus it is also feasible to miss out on a few of the fantastic stuff if you are not certain where to search for this. 

That is why we’ve assembled this collection of Metro Exodus suggestions based on our travel during the post-apocalyptic lands, and therefore you don’t need to know any lessons the hard way. From crucial updates to readily missed game-changing things, here are what we wish we had known about until we stopped the Aurora.

Assess your diary frequently

After you exit the Aurora, you will be given a map out of Colonel Miller. Your map is automatically updated with your principal objectives and a few discretionary ones, but among the most useful components of it’s concealed on the trunk.

You are able to turn your map to see Artyom’s diary, which can be updated frequently. 

These diary entries tell you a lot more about your next goal than simply its place. It is possible to double your target, who you will be working with, and also the conditions of the assignment. That last one is particularly significant, as some diary entries will counsel you to prevent killing, strategy stealthily, or see for certain sub-goals. Even in the event that you know where to go next, it is well worth stopping to look at your diary before each large assignment.

Use your binoculars to scan for points of interest

Krest is actually a goldmine of intellect. Meeting him not only allows you get a compass (more on this later), however Krest himself may also offer you a set of binoculars if you locate him. It is possible to use the binoculars to scope out exactly what lies ahead, validate enemy places, and mark into a map. 

Should you scan an optional objective utilizing the binoculars you will hear a click, and then holding it will automatically earn a question mark look in your map (try zooming whether it does not ‘pop up’). So make sure you stop and maintain your environment every once in a while. 

Sleep to alter the time of day

The seasonal weather in Metro Exodus looks great and adds a great deal to the Earth, but the lively day and night cycle is a lot more useful. It’s possible to jump between night and day by sleeping in the beds located in a variety of safehouses, and it is well worth choosing the ideal time daily to match your next goal. 

You are more difficult to spot at nighttime, so if you are considering infiltrating a bandit camp, then break until nightfall. On the other hand, mutants are more active during the night, so if you are trekking through open land, allow it to be a daytime trip so that you may see where you are going and what is coming your way. 

Craft the compass once you fulfill Krest

Not long once you go into the arctic Volga, you are going to meet an engineer called Krest. He is holed up in a crane overlooking a mutant-infested warehouse, although his plight, he has managed to squirrel away rather a great deal of materials and machines. 

His humble abode can also be equipped with a suitable crafting seat, which seat needs to be your first stop after meeting him because it is going to let you craft and set up the compass attachment to your brace. The slim red needle with this particular compass always points to a current main goal and it’s simple to see in your arm with the remainder of your HUD, therefore it is incredibly convenient to have if you are out exploring.

Not everyone is an enemy

The planet of Metro Exodus is a hostile one, however there are a number of really great people out there, and I am not only speaking about Krest and Katya. You will encounter refugees and other passive NPCs outside from the wastes, and so long as you do not begin any problem, these people will leave you lonely. 

You could even holster your weapon prior to coming them to demonstrate you are not searching for a battle, and lots of NPCs will thank you for this very simple show of calmness. 

Watch for these ancient updates

You will obviously get new attachments and weapons as you advance, but a number of the very impactful updates are for your lawsuit itself. You will improve virtually every component of your kit during the sport, and you may get three of greatest pieces directly in the first place, the Volga. Before you go into the Caspian Sea, Make Sure You catch these gizmos, All which are located in the first, reduced half of the Volga:

Improved flashlight battery in a shed near the safehouse northeast of Krest. The safehouse is on a small island surrounded by largely shallow water.

Metal sensor: at a little house at the southeast corner near a broken crane. Visit the west of where you discover the teddy.

Night vision goggles: at the Last area of the Tsar Fish’s shop

Use silenced weapons whenever possible

Stealth has always been a huge part of their Metro games, therefore this suggestion may be sort of obvious. Having said that, you can’t underestimate the worth of a suppressor. Even silenced weapons are not entirely undetectable, but in contrast to ordinary weapons that bring every single juvenile and bandit in earshot, they are a godsend. Most firearms, including shotguns, may be fitted with a silencer, therefore check for you at your crafting seat. 

The Tihkar rifle is the Very Best friend

Talking of life threatening weapons: the useful Tihkar rifle will take you through virtually everything. It is the only weapon which you may craft ammo for on the move, and also the metal balls it shoots are comparatively inexpensive to create, which makes it exceptionally economical. 

Additionally, it is remarkably powerful as soon as you get some updates for it. You need to maintain both its own pump and ammo topped off, but if you look after the Tihkar, then it is going to look after you. 

You can unleash your firearms in the Area

You want a crafting seat to wash your firearms and craft ammo, but you can alter the attachments in your firearms utilizing the tools on your backpack. Therefore, in the event that you discover a better magazine or a fresh range from the area, cease and equip it instantly. You may even swap out things to alter your setup to better prefer stealth, array damage and so forth.

Go for stealth KOs whenever you can

It is always much better to stealthily knock enemies unconscious instead of stab or shoot them. Out them makes less sound than implementing the mand it will not adversely impact your karma. Enemies you KO will not wake up , so there is no upside to murdering them. 

Not just that, if opponents realize that you’ve knocked out a number of the comrade, they will be more inclined to surrender, enabling you to knock them out. Playing peacefully is the trick to success. It conserves ammo and keeps your own karma, so take it slow and laborious when possible, particularly in the event that you wish to find the great end – and you do, since it is a fantastic finale. 

You are more precise when crouching

Following a couple of hours and a couple of dozen whiffed headshots, I began to wonder whether I could up my precision. Utilizing a range with greater zoom assists, but the simplest way to produce your reticle more secure is to crouch. Evidently, you do not need to plop down if you are back-pedaling from a snarling mutant, however when there is some space between you and your goal, crouching is your thing to do. 

Catch a weapon using a fresh ammo type if you are running low

Just because you’re able to equip weapon mods that you see in the area, you might even pick up and utilize firearms dropped by enemies. This is particularly useful for juggling ammo forms. There are four kinds of primary ammunition, and as you can just use two weapons at the same time, you are always amassing ammo for all four types. 

If your shotgun is vacant and your sniper is running low, catch an automobile rifle off a defeated enemy and then dip into your reservations of rifle rounds. If this works out, catch a loose pistol and remember that you can swap in all of your attachments out of your package at any moment. Shoot armored dudes from the thighs.

The very first time that I encountered a totally armored bandit, I place literally every bullet I’d into him and nothing happened. As it happens, taking their kneecaps out using a shotgun from behind does the occupation, as it frequently does. You can not stealth kill those men, but it is well worth slipping up on those guys so that you can get in their legs. 

Fast save All of the Moment

That is another clear suggestion for your stealth games, but it’s also easy to overlook: quick save before and after each significant fight. Should you require a needless quantity of harm in a very simple experience, blow your pay by minding some defenses or mutants, or unintentionally use your past prized medkit – not that happened for me, nope, definitely not – you are likely going to need to reload your last save. 

Similarly, if you pinpoint a challenging fight simply to die to some thing dumb shortly after – again, I can not imagine who’d do this – you will be kicking yourself if you did not quick save. 

Eavesdropping Can Be Quite Helpful

Stealth games always appear to feature talkative defenses, and Metro Exodus isn’t any exclusion. Luckily, it is not all propaganda and babble. A few of the best dialog from the sport are available in random discussions, and of course a few of the very helpful. You may find out more about your environment by adhering to enemy discussions, and a few defenses will also unwittingly tip you off to new aims. If you hear anybody chatting as you are sneaking about, stop and stay a little while. You could hear something helpful.